Halo MCC Timer


I was around 12 years old when Halo: Combat Evolved was released. I spent a significant amount of time mastering the game and ended up competing in many tournaments for years to follow. This game required both skill and strategy to be competitive. A large part of the strategy of the game was weapon control and making sure that your enemies didn't have access to the more powerful weapons. Someone eventually discovered that the weapons become available based on a fixed interval (although different for each level) beginning from when the match started. It became standard for competitive players to attach stopwatches to their controller to keep track of when these weapons could be picked up.

This year, I discovered the old game would be re-incarnated in the new Halo: Master Chief Collection. I figured new players would benefit from this old trick and I created this "controller timer" for the digital age. Xbox One has the "Snap" feature which allows this timer to be placed right on the side of the screen (see screenshot below).

This was my first time using the AngularJS framework. Although there were a few small obstacles along the way, I enjoyed working with the framework and definitely will be looking for more opportunities to make use of it in the future.